Charlie Brown Wins in British Columbia

Charlie Brown wins the third tournament of the season.  He had three consecutive white washes to grab his first tournament win of the season.  He defeat Dalton Roy in final, who earlier in the tournament knock off the past tournament winner Paul Potier.  Heman Ho had another strong showing by reaching the final four for the second straight tournament.  Heman grabbed third place with a win over Alex Wong, who made his first showing in the final four.  On the b-side tournament, Wayne Chan was grab the win, with a win over James Mikado.

New players are showing up which is great to see, and our good friend Tony Fun has returned to the baize to sink his teeth into the tourney.  Tony, always a great storyteller of the game, filled some interested player’s ears of stories of snooker lore.

Thanks again to Jonathan Sun, and all his wonderful staff at Top 147 Snooker Lounge to help the tournament to be a success again.  December 9-10, 2017 is the date for the next tournament, so keep you head down and keep practicing.  Champions aren’t crowned over night, it take a lot of hard work.

Posted by: Snooker Canada