The Art of Skittles on a Snooker Table

Canadian Skittles is played on any standard snooker table, there are various versions.

1 black pin, 2 black pins and the most difficult is 3 black pins.

Skittles is a cue game played on any standard Snooker or a Pool table with six pockets.

The game uses features of snooker and billiards, an excellent way to improve your snooker game. Two or more players may play.

Only three balls and five pins are needed. The White cue ball is shared by all players. The Yellow ball spots on the snooker brown ball spot (balk line and long center-line intersection).

The Red ball spots on the snooker Black ball spot.

Five wooden Skittle pins resembling bowling pins are used (3” high and 0.66” waist dia.). This skittle version uses only one Black pin, it spots at the center of the table on the snooker blue spot. The four White or optional coloured pins spot near the Black pin, spaced 3.3” apart on the centerlines.

The object of the game is to be the first player to reach 31 points without going over.

Going over 31 is a foul and loss of all points and the turn. An X is marked on the chalk board beside the shooters name. X’s should be avoided as they accumulate and the total value is paid to the winner.

The shooter accumulates points by doing any of the following or a combination of them.

Players shoot in turn, a turn or a visit ends when no points are made or a miss/foul occurs.

Any ball may be potted into any pocket and then re-spotted after each shot.

The shooter scores points by potting, caroms or knocking pins down.

Potting the Yellow ball, or the Cue ball in-off the Yellow ball = 2 pts.

Potting the Red ball, or the Cue ball in-off the Red ball = 3 pts.

A Carom is worth 2 points, it is when the cue ball contacts both of the other balls. It does not matter which ball the cue ball hits first, it is always 2 points. Only one carom is counted per shot. There is no limit on how many caroms are allowed per visit. Knocking over pins earns points for the shooter. The cue ball must contact a ball before knocking a pin down but cushions may be contacted before a ball.

Red pin only = 1 point

Yellow pin only = 2 point

Green pin only = 3 points

Brown pin only = 4 points

Black pin only = 5 points (also gives an X to all opponents and reduces their score to zero).


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