Max Guan welcomes back Snooker in Style with a Victory in BC!!

From a full 32 player field Guan was able to achieve victory in the tournament.  It wasn’t smooth sailing for him all the way through.  As his opponent in the final Ross Bradsen commented “Wow these tables are big”, but anybody that knows Ross, knows his great sense of humour, gave Guan a battle in the final.  


With one up and two play, it looked like we were heading to a decider, but unfortunate in off on the brown from Bradsen left Guan the chance to run the last 4 colours to achieve victory.  All were on their spots except for the black.  Guan made due on the brown, blue and pink, got into good position on the black, but at this point in the match any shot is difficult.  Nerves of steel set in and Guan pocketed the black to achieve a tournament victory with a score line of 4-2.  In addition Guan had the high run of the tournament with a 70.  


In the third place match Bill Yang, ailing with a bad back, took on Jon Shoring.  Yang was able to get onto the podium with a victory over Shoring who commented “I worried about what he will shoot like without a bad back.” 


All in all a great tournament was had.  Lots of great matches and lots of laughter filled the room.  It’s great to be back.


Big thanks to Jonathan and crew at Top 147 for helping us out to make sure the tournament was a big success.  Also thanks to Rob Johnson for the great poster design and Sam Tonning who helped out with the draw.  As well thanks to my friends that bought me lunches throughout the tourney so I wouldn’t pass out.


Also a big thank you to all the players.  Everyone prepaid which is great and makes my job a lot easier.  As well every player looked very sharp in their dress code B attire.  Snooker is back and let’s keep rolling.


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