Burroughs & Watts II



Burroughs & Watts was a premiere British company that was very well known for producing a snooker table of excellent quality.

6 feet x 12 feet

the price of this table include the following (all new):

A Cloth
A Triangle
A Brush
2 regular bridges
1 Spider bridge
A set of Chalk

The 3 most important things in a snooker table

1.  The Slate – This dictates how straight the balls roll on the table

comments-  The Burroughs & Watts uses Italian slate, which is the best in
the world.  Most other tables use less quality slate , which is not cut with
the same precision.


2.  The Wood – The long term effect of wood dictates how sturdy the
table is.

comments – The Burroughs & Watts is made of mahogany wood, which is one
of the best woods out there.  Most other woods when going to a new
climate will warp over time, which will affect the overall playability,
and look of the table.


3.  The rails – The Burroughs & Watts has solid rails with Northern Rubber and of
course, makes for the best reaction when the balls hit the rails.

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