The Snooker Canada Team

Patrick Guigui


Patrick Guigui is the President of Snooker Canada and oversees all the activities directly related to the development and promotions of the game nationally. His skills include marketing, accounting, management and public relations. Above all, his passion for the game of snooker is what inspires him to develop the game for future generations. If you feel the same, feel free to call him, anytime.

Jonathan Perlman

Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan Perlman has been with Snooker Canada since its creation, and has been instrumental with every stage of growth along the way. As Chief Technology Officer, his responsibilities include overseeing IT infrastructure and web services offered by Snooker Canada. His expertise in the non-profit space is a great benefit to the organization.

Gord Mewhiney

Director of Marketing

With a reputation of being a “Jack of all trades”, Gord has extensive experience in many different fields including planning/management, media relations, politics at all levels, marketing, fundraising/grant writing and many other business and non-profit activities. He also serves on other boards, committees and volunteer organizations‎ and has spent time in in Toronto, Ottawa, Guelph, Peterborough, and currently lives in Brantford, Ontario.

Kat Arthur

Head of Disciplinary Committee

Originally from England, Kat is very familiar with the game of snooker and its origins. She grew up watching the game on television, and is now the person in charge of the particular dealings when players cross the line, in relation to the integrity of the game. With over 20 years of experience in various supervisory roles, this is sure to be a good fit for the long term future of the game and its core values.

Sylvain Ethier


Sylvain Ethier is from the province of Quebec and has been a snooker referee for many years. Some of the major evens that he has refereed in the past include the 2011 IBSF U-21 World Championships, The Quebec Championships, and of course, The Richler Cup. He brings a wealth of experience to the Snooker Canada team, and his passion for the game shows with every step he takes.

Erica Whyte

National Host

Erica is the national host for Snooker Canada and has many different functions. If she is not doing interviews with one of the players on tour, she can be found helping with the creation of one of our educational videos, or in the production in one of our documentary movies. Erica adds a great dimension to the promotion of our sport with her energy, professionalism and passion. She has worked for companies such as TSN & Rogers TV and has experience in working on events like the recent Pan Am Games & the London Olympics.

Guy Simard

Live Streaming Producer

Guy Simard is the founder of Billard Quebec, the leading billiards website in the province. Guy has an extensive history with many things including, but not limited to, graphic design, photography, commentating, and of course, video stream production. A person that gives special attention to detail in anything he takes on, Guy is passionate about developing all forms of billiards.

Faad Waheed

International Snooker Coach

Currently based in Pakistan, Faad coaches internationally and to the delight of his students, also gives coaching sessions over Skype or FaceTime. Faad also runs a proper coaching academy in Pakistan and coaches members of Snooker Canada. Faad is the first Pakistani national to be certified by WPBSA; World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association, and IBSF; International Billiards and Snooker Federation, as a ‘Certified Master Coach and Instructor in the Art and Science of Snooker Coaching’. Mr. Waheed has a home in Ontario and comes to Canada on a regular basis.

Rob DeCator

Photographer / Videographer

Rob DeCator lives in Paris, Ontario, and is married with children. Rob works full time at a local manufacturing company but in his free time he has many interests such as snooker, photography, video capture, editing and camping. His creative skills and photo/video skills range from drag racing, weddings, events, nature and now uses his ability/creative skills to assist snooker Canada capture all its activities. He is the official photographer for interviews, games and world wide broadcasting.

Sam Cen

Director of Business Development

From October 2012 – May 2016, Sam was the president of the Western Billiards Society. His role with Snooker Canada revolves around contacting potential business owners to help build and develop an ongoing relationship with Snooker Canada. Whether it is through a sponsorship agreement, planning a tournament style event, or purchasing one of our products. Sam acts as the liaison between business owners and organizing parties.

David Burney

Colour Commentator

David Burney was born in Oakville, Ontario, but now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. David is a freelance artist, working in many disciplines ranging from photography to sculpture,woodworking, film and television. He enjoys commentating as it is a great tool to let the viewers know some insight and information on the players, so they can find things they like about them and cheer for them when they are at the table. As being an artist, David appreciates the game, as a great high running break and can be seen as a work of art, with the cue ball being the player’s brush and the table their canvas.

David Puddy

Director of Player Development

David hails from Simcoe, Ontario and has been involved with the game of snooker for over 40 years. David has experience in many different aspects of the game. This includes commentating at Canada's largest snooker tournament, the Richler Cup, getting certified as a RACCS referee, and most recently, getting certified as a WPBSA snooker coach.

Daniel Paquette

Master of Ceremony

Daniel Paquette is from a little town in Cantons De L'Est, 90 km south of Montreal, Quebec. Daniel is very enthusiastic about the game of snooker, and is involved in many ways. He has played for over 25 years, has been the MC at major events in various cities and has also been a referee at events such as the Richler Cup & The Eastern Canadian Championships. His passion for the game is quite evident when you meet him, and he is certainly looking to be an important part of the growth of the game for many years to come.

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