The Riley



The Riley is a classic table and is in very good condition.

6 feet x 12 feet

the price includes the following (all new):

A Cloth
A Triangle
A Brush
2 regular bridges
1 Spider bridge
A set of Chalk

The 3 most important things in a snooker table

1.  The Slate – This dictates how straight the balls roll on the table

comments-  The Riley Aristocrat uses Italian slate, which is the best in
the world.  Most other tables use less quality slate , which is not cut with
the same precision.


2.  The Wood – The long term effect of wood dictates how sturdy the
table is.

comments – The Riley Aristocrat is made of mahogany wood, which is one
of the best woods out there.  Most other woods when going to a new
climate will warp over time, which will affect the overall playability,
and look of the table.


3.  The rails – The Riley Aristocrat has solid rails with Northern Rubber and of
course, makes for the best reaction when the balls hit the rails.



*Please note that this is a used table and might have some slight scratches.  This is normal.  If you are looking for a perfect table, we also sell new ones.

**Upon receiving your table, if you see blemishes on certain parts of the table, you must understand that it is very likely that this is the inside of the table and of course, does not show once the table is set up.  (Some people do not understand this and assume that these blemishes are on the side of the table which is visible, this is not the case).






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