Canadian Snooker Awards

The Bob Hargrove Award

The Bob Hargrove award was instituted in 2014 and is awarded to a referee who has contributed to our sport here in Canada with dedication, class and distinction.

In 1950, Chenier went to England and finished second to the great Fred Davis for the world championship. In 1963, he played in the World Pocket Billiard championship and ran the first perfect game of 150 ever registered in tournament, a victory made all the sweeter as he beat world champion Irving Crane in the finals. Chenier also ran 144 in a world snooker tournament in England, the longest ever score from a break.

In 1966, during a world pocket billiards tournament in Los Angeles, he suffered a heart attack which affected his speech and the left side of his body. Stunningly, in spite of his affliction, he was champion to the end, retaining his North American title right up to the time of his death in Toronto in 1970.

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