Richler Cup Qualifier

Welcome to the 2nd annual Win A Trip to the Richler Cup snooker tournament.

Dates: January 18th, 19th and could go into the following week (evening matches – flexible schedule) event matches begin Saturday, January 18th at 2:00.

Entrance Fee: $40 (all entry fee money goes towards cash prizes for 2nd thru 8th) – loser of match pays table time at a reduced rate of $6.60 per hour. Entry fees collected at Bourbon Street Billiards January 19th, 2018.

Format: All matches up to the semi-final are best of 5, all rules of snooker apply, when using the miss rule - replacement rule please notify the Head Referee so that he may witness the shot. First round losers will be entered into a consolation event, best of 1 frame, 1st place only $?? (depending on number of players).

Tournament Director & Head Referee: Mr. Greg Harder

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