Snooker tables spreading all over Canada…

Snooker Canada is proud to announce that the number of snooker tables has seen an increase in inventory recently in several different provinces. Of course, this also means that the game is enjoying a consistant growth with an even brighter future ahead.

Another recent trend has seen many homes converting their garages into a playroom.  A practical place to play snooker, when many other rooms in the house to not allow for it.

A national directory of places to play snooker is available on this website by clicking on `Places to PLay`on the top left and then proceeding to click the province that you would like to see.  In keeping with it`s long history, Ontario boasts the most amount of tables whle the west coast of Canada has also seen a recent surge in popularity.  Quebec, of course, is not too far behind with a whole bunch of choices all over the province in which to play.


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