Dick Ponzi

Born  in  1910, Dick  played  all the Canadian greats, including George  Chenier  Eddie Agha & Leo  Levitt. In 1957 he won the Molson Cup, and became one of the best players in the country. His son Leonard is a snooker historian and is still active today in Montreal playing in […]

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Gabe Tarini

If there is a perfect example of a good will ambassador for snooker, it’s Gabe.  Gabe came from Northern Ontario and owned a snooker room in Sudbury.  He is responsible for guiding and teaching many of the great snooker players that developed in Canada today.  The longest snooker tournament in […]

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Tino Malo

Tino Malo has won many titles in his illustrious career as a Canadian snooker player.  These include The Quebec Championships, The Alain Robidoux Tournament, and several local tournaments in Montreal. Tino battled it out with many of the Canadian greats including George  Chenier, Eddie Agha, and Cliff  Thorburn,   In 1974, […]

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Leo Levitt

The first man on the planet to make a 147 maximum was Leo Levitt in 1948.  This amazing feat was made  at the Windsor Club in Montreal, Quebec.  Aside from this pioneering breakthrough in snooker, Leo was always a fierce competitor and was also ready to help anyone improve their […]

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Bill Werbeniuk

Recognized for his girth, his nickname was “Big Bill”, and he played professional snooker from 1973–1990.  Originally from Winnepeg, Werbeniuk was noted for the large amounts of alcohol he consumed before and during matches – between 30 and 50 pints of lager per day.  He said he did this to […]

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Eddie Agha

“Atomic Eddy” as snooker fans and the press knew him, was one of snooker’s most  and exciting players.  His potting and positioning play were superb, and lightening fast.  He has had 2 perfect games and countless century runs.  You were always on the edge of your seat watching him play […]

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George Chenier

Widely regarded as the best player Canada has ever produced, George Chenier enjoyed a professional snooker career of more than 30 years.  Born in Hull, Quebec, Chenier was the North American Snooker Champion from 1948 to 1970.  George brought to the table an intense personal dignity, an easy, graceful, playing […]

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