8 ball & 9 ball players switching to snooker

Corey Deuel has just recently won United States National Snooker Championships.  One interesting thing to note is that Corey plays on the smaller tables and is a world class 9 ball player.  This should inspire many "small table" players to take up snooker.

If that isn't convincing enough, the same thing has recently happened right here in Canada.  One example of that is Alex Pagulayan winning the Canadian Snooker Championships 2 years in a raow.  Alex, of course, is a former world champion in 9 ball.

Another example of this is Alain Martel recently wiining the Quebec Snooker Championships.  As we all know, Alain Martel's career has always involved 8 ball and 9 ball.

What does this mean for the game of snooker?  Sinply put, more players, more tournaments, more money and more opportunity.  The game of billiards has always had a few general principles, with one of them being, if your can stroke your cue in a straight line, you can play any sort of cue ball discipline successfully.  The good news for snooker is that while some small table players may switch to snooker, it is pretty rare to see snooker players switch to the small tables.

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