The 147 – A Great Achievement

The list of Canadian players that have achieved the perfect game in snooker is quite extensive.  If anyone knows a person that should be added to this list, please let us know by emailing

Alain Robidoux

Andre Desrocher

Andre Goyette

Bill Ganne

Bill Smith

Brady Golan

Brian Butler

Claude Bernatchez

Claude Smith

Bernie Mickelson

Cliff Thorburn

Eddie Agha

Eddie Galati

Fern Loyer

Floyd Ziegler

George Chenier

Harvey Rothwell

Jason Williams

Jim Bear

Jim Fong

Jim Wych

John Bear

John Pennington

John White

JR Wedge

Ken Bartko

Kenny Shea

Kevin Robitaille

Kirk Clouthier

Kirk Stevens

Kristal Mac Leod

Lester Mianskum

Luigi Fiori

Leo Levitt

Peter Kippie

Raymond Saunders

Robert Paquette

Rocky Johnson

Rodney Cuillerier

Tim Bradshaw

Tom Finstad

Tony Lemay

Vic Kurluk

Wayne Binder

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