Proper Shot Alignment

Alignment simply means a straight line drawn through the center of the cue ball, the cue tip, the ‘V’ of the bridge the eyes, the head, and the elbow. This is the ideal alignment and one that is only attained by a sma



It would be nice to have perfect alignment but it is not absolutely necessary. Most players have a dominant eye and they will favour that eye. (Normally the right eye for right handed players, but not always.) The cue will not be directly lined up between the eyes but will be under the player’s dominant eye. Therefore each player should determine his or her dominant eye before we continue.

The dominant eye can be determined as follows: –

Pick a spot on a wall about 6 to 9 feet away and point your forefinger at this point while keeping both eyes open.

Close your left eye and see if your finger is still pointing at the chosen spot. If it is still pointing at the spot, you are right-eyed dominant.

If you have to move your finger to keep in line with the spot, repeat the process, this time closing your right eye. If your finger is still pointing at the spot, you are left eyed dominant.

If your finger moves an equal amount when you close either eye, you are one of the fortunate few and your cue will be between your eyes.

For most players the cue will not be directly under and between their eyes, but will be under their dominant eye, and for some players the alignment of the elbow may not be possible due to some physical reason.

Author: Dan Scullion

Dan Scullion is the former Chairman of the Canadian Billiards & Snooker Council. Dan has been coaching snooker for over 40 years and still does so today in the province of Alberta.

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