The Proper Shot Sequence

We will now look at the sequence from approach to the address of the cue ball and the eventual contact.

Step 1:

Having picked up the cue correctly and determined the direction you wish to send the cue ball position your body so that your cueing arm and your right foot are in line with the center of the Cue Ball in the direction you wish send it.


Step 2:

Approach the table starting with your right foot until you are at the right distance from the table that will allow you to comfortable address the cue ball.


Step 3:

Establish a good stance as shown here


Step 4.

Having determined the direction you wish to send the Cue Ball, search for the center of the Cue Ball as your bridge hand touches the table. Now move your bridge hand towards the Cue Ball and address its center with your cue tip. [The “V” of your bridge hand should be 9 to 12 inches from the cue ball]


Step 5: When you are satisfied that you have found the center of the cue ball and have a comfortable Stance, you can now begin the back and forth movement of your cue.


Step 6:

During the movement of the cue your eyes will be switching between the Cue Ball and the Object Ball and you may even look at pocket you wish to put the object ball into.

Many good players could not tell you were their eyes are during the cue action, However, I do believe that the following sequence will help you establish a truly smooth and well-timed cue action.

Author: Dan Scullion

Dan Scullion is the former Chairman of the Canadian Billiards & Snooker Council. Dan has been coaching snooker for over 40 years and still does so today in the province of Alberta.

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