Time to Stop The False Rumors

After one day in Toronto, I have heard so many false rumors that I feel compelled to write a brief message about it.  Without naming any names, I will simply state that there have been many false statements made recently about certain people and certain business establishments.

The only thing that I can say about this is when you hear something contradictory, to try to ask yourself, “Is this verifiable?”, and if it is not, try to take things with a grain of salt.

It is unfortunate some some of the people in our industry that pretend to “care about the game”, have the ability to spread these false statements.  What we need are positive steps towards developing our game.

So my simple message today is that the next time somebody says something negative, or defamatory, keep in mind that this same person might be saying the same thing about you to someone else.

Let’s make an effort to come together and stop the false rumors and take pride in our game and spread that gospel to the others instead.

Author: Patrick Guigui

Patrick Guigui is the founder and President of Snooker Canada. His mission is to promote and develop the game of snooker on a nationwide basis. This will be done with a team of quality people who share the same values and goals and commit to doing so with professionalism and integrity.

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