New Canadian Championships Announcement

Exciting news!  Due to the numerous demands around the country, Snooker Canada has decided to listen to the players and will start the planning of a National Championships for Snooker.

As snooker continues to become more popular here in Canada, we decided to keep up with the demand.  Just like any other sport, people want to compete.  We have players hitting the green baize everywhere and practicing.  The time has come to give them another reason to do so.

As a result of this, a new demand will be created  for many different aspects of the game including referees, coaches, scorekeepers, volunteers, and more snooker related products.

At the heart of this decision is the fact that the time has come for Canada to stamp its presence in the international scene.  We have always had talent and in the past have been very successful abroad.  Unfortunately, things have been a little dormant for the last 20 years with the last professional snooker player to play in England being Alain Robidoux.  The time has come for players to get rewarded for all those hours of hard practice on both the Amateur and professional level.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on the planning of this event, please feel free to contact us at  More details will follow on the development of this event.



Author: Patrick Guigui

Patrick Guigui is the founder and President of Snooker Canada. His mission is to promote and develop the game of snooker on a nationwide basis. This will be done with a team of quality people who share the same values and goals and commit to doing so with professionalism and integrity.

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