Rejuvenation Snooker Feeling

As I ponder the latest announcement of a new Canadian Championships for the game of snooker, it is impossible to ignore the amount of positive emails and phone calls being received this week.  It is almost as if some of the players have been famished and waiting for something new to come along for quite some time.

Many people have been asking for details and that will take a little time as did the last Richler Cup.  This is new, and as all new things take time, it will all be worth it in the end.  Our goal is to strive to make snooker a game for the masses, and in order to do so, we must try to position ourselves as such.

The coverage for the Richler Cup involved the efforts of many people and a lot of work.  The Suburban Newspaper reached over 100, 000 people, the CTV News coverage reached over 500, 000 people, and finally, The Globe and Mail article reached over a million people,

We are now going to dive into the planning stages for this national tournament, and as you can imagine, this will take time.  Our goal, once again, will be to reach the masses in order to make our game more popular for generations to come.

As usual, if anyone has any ideas that can help make this event an outstanding one, please email all suggestions to


Author: Patrick Guigui

Patrick Guigui is the founder and President of Snooker Canada. His mission is to promote and develop the game of snooker on a nationwide basis. This will be done with a team of quality people who share the same values and goals and commit to doing so with professionalism and integrity.

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