The Various Bridges

By now you will have encountered positions on the table where you are unable to place you cue hand with sufficient space for you place your bridge hand at the recommended distance from the cue ball [9”-12”] the following Bridges I have found can overcome these situations and give you complete control of the cue.

If you have found an alternative to any of the following bridges that gives you complete control of the cue use it.


We use this bridge when the cue ball is 6”to9” from the cushion. The bridge is made as follows: –

Place bridge hand on the cushion rail with all your fingers flat.  Lift your forefinger up and slide your thumb under it until your thumb touches your second finger.  Now place your cue against your thumb and second finger.  With your cue touching your thumb and second finger place your forefinger over the cue and touch the cushion rail.

Apply pressure to the cushion rail with all of your bridge hand


Author: Dan Scullion

Dan Scullion is the former Chairman of the Canadian Billiards & Snooker Council. Dan has been coaching snooker for over 40 years and still does so today in the province of Alberta.

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