New Snooker League to Launch in Toronto

Remember the days when you dropped math class to play a few frames. Relive those memories in the Bay Street Snooker League at the National Club ( ).

Looking for players of all skill levels to participate in handicap play. The National Club will make its snooker room available for league players every Tuesday evening. The participation of other downtown clubs would be welcome.

The nature and structure of the league remains to be determined depending on available tables and players. The league has the support of Snooker Canada and entry places may be available for the Richler Cup. We also have the participation of former world champion, Cliff Thorburn who can provide instruction to players wanting to improve their game.

An inaugural meeting is being held on October 28, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the Snooker Room at the National Club, 303 Bay Street. Food and beverages are available. Please email Nick Macos at<> with any questions or confirmation of interest.

Also please pass on this message to anyone that you think would be interested

Thank You

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