Lest We Forget, Thank You Bert Kublek

Irish Vale man creates special tribute to veterans

November 8, 2014

IRISH VALE — Retired industrial arts teacher Bert Kublek enjoys creating displays on his front lawn but his most recent effort has been stopping traffic.

It’s a unique outdoor tribute to Canada’s war veterans. Kublek and his wife Eleanor watch from their hilltop dining room window as yet another vehicle stops to take a look and snap a picture.

Kublek says one man, a veteran, stopped by the house Wednesday evening and thanked him for the tasteful tribute.

“I said, ‘Don’t thank me — I did this to thank you,'” he recalled during an afternoon cup of tea.

Kublek, 68, has carved wood panels into moving silhouettes illustrating well-known Remembrance Day scenes. There is also a mini graveyard in front of his home, with one large cross standing over the rest, with the words, “Thank You” emblazoned on its front. At night, spotlights shine on the area.

Although Kublek isn’t one to say too much, friend Donnie MacAskill, also a retired teacher, says he has family who were in the military.

“He’s quite a person to want to do something and as you can see, he puts a lot of effort into it,” said MacAskill.

Although the tribute is quite elaborate, Kublek, who also does a Christmas display, says he enjoys doing things like this and he hopes people driving by get some inspiration from it.

“People are stopping to take a picture of it once in a while and that’s good,” Kublek said. “I thought for people going by, it might be a good reminder of the significance of the whole situation.”

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