The $20 000 Richler Cup – Qualifier Info

Congratulations to Fern Loyer from Sudbury and Jason Williams from Burlington who decided to split the $1400 prize money between them which includes a spot each in the 2015 Richler Cup which will take place in Ontario this time.

3rd & 4th place received $100 each and went to Frank Mancini from Windsor and Lou Fazekas from Sudbury.

The policy of these qualifiers is that players receiving a spot in the Richler Cup are not eligible to play in future qualifiers, thus giving the other players a fair chance.

Another strict policy for these qualifiers is that Snooker Canada does NOT take any money out of the players’ entry money for administration or green fees. Whatever comes in goes back out to the players.

Due to the feedback from the players, as the holidays are coming up, we have decided to lower the entry fee for the next qualifier from $100 to $50.

Next Event: Sunday, December 14, 2014

Once again, entries will be based on a first come first serve basis

Entry $50 – Maximum 16 PLayers

1st place – $500 (which includes a spot in the 2015 Richler Cup)

Every player also receives a complimentary ticket for the Snooker Sweepstakes to win a trip for 2 to England

If you are interested in participating in our next qualifier, contact us today! 888-487-7506

Thank You

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