The Snooker Canada Patches Are Here!

At last, the embroidered Snooker Canada patches have arrived. !

The Embroidered Patches Have Finally Arrived!

This is great news for snooker fans all around Canada as already almost 100 have been distributed. That means that the game of snooker will start becoming more and more popular as the idea behind this project is to create more awareness of our beautiful game to the outside world. We have kept the secret long enough.

The nice thing about these patches is that they are versatile. You can peel and stick them on just about any garment and they stick very well. When you remove it, it does not leave any marks either. They also do not lose much of their “stickiness”, which makes them last a lot longer.  Of course, if you choose to have them sewn on permanently, you can do that as well.

So don’t be shy, put them on you shirt, jacket, sleeve, vest, or anywhere else you choose to and be proud to show the next generation what a wonderful game snooker can be.

For anyone interested in purchasing one or more patches, the cost is $5 each plus $1 for shipping them over anywhere in Canada.

An order can be placed by calling 888-487-7506 or emailing

You can also receive a  patch for FREE when you subscribe to a Snooker Canada annual membership.

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