Dear ‘The Pool Scene’ – Thank You !

I still clearly remember scouring through the internet a few years ago in search for more information about the state of billiards in Canada. There were a few smaller websites and then I stumbled onto and was immediately impressed with the design and colors.

After spending more time on the website, I remember easily navigating through it in different areas and finding information very quickly.

What I really liked about it is that the stuff on it was non biased and informational. It did not leave out organizations or individuals because of “politics” or “personal reasons”. It was a platform for our game, which is what I strive to do with our website as well.

This article is simply to say thank you Andrew Attard for tirelessly supplying us with updates in our industry. Thank you for continuously making upgrades to the website, like the most recent one. Thank you for supporting the different organizations that are involved in the game. Thank you for giving our game a sense of professionalism.

I truly believe that our sport is about to make a major shift and start attracting the respect that is has deserved for quite some time. I believe that through the efforts of websites like this, it can start attracting more corporate sponsorships, which can then in turn, give our game a boost.

In a strange way, it was stumbling onto a website of this level that inspired me to keep improving our own website, the same way a player tries to keep up with a Crosby or a Lebron.

Thank you Andrew – I, for one, am a fan. I only appreciated it when your website went down for a few days in the summer, and the void seemed a lot more apparent during that time period. Happy new year and keep up the good work.

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