The Toronto Golf Show & Snooker Canada

Snooker Canada is delighted to announce that it has recently become a sponsor The Toronto Golf Show, the largest event of its kind in the country.


A few months ago, we wrote an article about the differences and similarities between snooker and golf and the feedback was quite interesting. It seems that a lot of snooker players play golf and vice versa. Who knew?

As a result of this finding, we decided to venture off into a world that is apparently not too far off from snooker. Another precision sport, individual effort, concentration required, hand-eye co-ordination, temperament, proper etiquette, ball in the hole, and the best part, opposite seasons.

The plan is to have a snooker table at the show and expose it to the 20 000 + golf enthusiasts out there. Activities on the table will include exhibitions, video tutorials on the basic rules of the game, and of course, the golfers themselves will be given an opportunity to take a few shots and see what it feels like for themselves.

We are in current talks with some local snooker players to come in and greet the golfers and assist in answering any questions about the game.

The Toronto Golf Show will take place on Feb 20-22 at The International Center in Mississauga and everyone is welcome. For more details, visit

Through our sponsorship with the event, we are offering tickets to the 3 day show for half price. For individual and group inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or call 888-487-7506

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