Pan American Snooker Results

Congratulations to Itaro Santos, of Brasil who had a decisive victory in the 3rd Pan American Snooker Championships in Bolivia.


This was accomplished with a 6-0 victory over the young Thadeu Nobres of Brasil as well. Countries that participated in this event include Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru and USA.

With this victory, Itaro Santos won a wild card spot for the next 2 years on the professional main tour with the right to participate in determining World Snooker events.

One question bears in mind for this result from last week.

Why is there no report about this event by any of the national or international organizations involved?

Finally, we have received numerous inquiries as to why Canada did not have any players participating there. We can not answer this question because we are not affiliated with this event. We would also like to clarify that Snooker Canada’s mandate is to develop the game of snooker right here in Canada, not internationally.

If anyone has any interest in helping us do so, please contact us at

Thank You

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