Snooker Canada Reporter Checks in from China

The Latest from Snooker Canada reporter, Bullit Bradley:


Upon hearing me introduce myself as a reporter with Snooker Canada, Mark Selby yelled to me, hey this must mean snooker is on the upswing in Canada now??
I told him Patrick Guigui at Snooker Canada is working tirelessly to promote snooker in Canada.  I would like to visit there someday though”, he added.

pic-selby and bullit


We threw out a litany of past Canadian snooker pros who played in England. Besides Cliff, Kirk, Big Bill, Jim Wych and Bob Chaperon, some others came out such as Gino Rigitano, Jim & John Bear ( I played Jim Bear in my first professional match Martin added), Marcel Gauvreau, Frank Jonik John White, Jeff White, Mario Morra, and others….
Some of the stories, which I have chosen not to report at this time were quite interesting to say the least……

Ding Junhui was gracious in defeat and answered all my questions very well in English, commenting that he is a happier person these days and this has led to more success in this tournament.

When I mentioned Kirk Stevens, Selby said he has seen clips of Kirks’ 147 and asked me if Kirk still has his famous white suit…..

Stay tuned for more snooker news from the Orient……..

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