Seeding Players – Not a Winning Formula

There have been many discussions and debates on whether the seeding of players in a tournament is a wise decision.


On the one side, as the debate goes, this will attract the  stronger players, and as a result, you are inclined to have a better show at the end of the tournament.

On the other side, this creates an unfair advantage for the strong players as they are sort of “protected” to not meet other strong players in the beginning of the tournament.

The Richler Cup organizing committee has once again decided to NOT seed any players and make Canada’s Largest Tournament an open draw event. Why ? Simply put, we are just following in the footsteps of the greatest promoter of snooker in the history of mankind. As they say, the proof is in the pudding and whatever Barry Hearn is doing, it seems to be working.

See for yourself

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