Canadian Tour – New Policy Announcement

After a lot of research and much debate, Snooker Canada’s board has decided that its membership will comprise of all players with the exception of current and former professionals. (Canadians included)

pic-no pris allowedThe policy is in effect as of June 24, 2015 and any player that falls under that exclusionary policy will be reimbursed his membership fees in full.

“After researching various sports, we see a pattern that the pros do not really mix it up with the amateurs with the exception of Pro-Am events”, says Patrick Guigui, President of Snooker Canada. “You don’t see Stephen Hendry playing in the Scottish Snooker Championships or James Wattana playing in the Thailand Championships, that wouldn’t be appropriate and certainly would not be fair, a bit of a David and Goliath scenario.

This concludes another step in the direction that Snooker Canada has chosen in order to develop the game here in Canada.

If average players are put in a position to actually get to the later stages of a tournament, or win it, their confidence would flourish and then who knows?

The new national ranking system will be consistent with these policies and we look forward to seeing who will be in the top 16 in Canada shortly.

Looking forward to a great season starting this September!  A full schedule of ranking events will be announced shortly.

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