New Event Winners – Loyer, Normand & Roy

Congratulations to Fern Loyer from Sudbury for winning the Canadian Snooker Tour event that took place at Strokers in London, On. this weekend as he beat Hamilton’s Derrick Claus in the Finals with a scoreline of 3-0.

New Canadian Snooker Tour Logo Created
New Canadian Snooker Tour Logo Created

In the neighboring province of Quebec, it was Francois Normand who competed in the finals against Ghislain Bourdages, taking it with a whitewash scoreline of 3-0 at the 147 Snooker Club.

In a third event in Montreal, it was André Roy beating Gilles Boismenu by a scoreline of 3-0.  This took place at the Académie de Snooker de Montréal.

The updated ranking list will be calculated and reported after the event in Markham, which will take place on October 17.

If anyone is interested in competing there, there are a few spots remaining, give us a shout!  or 888-487-7506

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