Snooker Featured on Sportscenter

It happened this week!  For the first time in decades, a highlight from professional snooker was featured on TSN’s Sportscenter!  While the clip only lasted about 2 seconds, the important thing is that the ice has been broken once again.  It was a clip of Mark Davis fluking a ridiculous brown after the ball jumped on the table and into the pocket.

Snooker Featured on Sportscenter , Another First!
Snooker Featured on Sportscenter , Another First!

Last Summer , the Richler Cup was produced by RogersTV and played coast to coast.

This was followed by the Champion of Champions being played on Sportsnet for a few months, another breakthrough for snooker in Canadian television in this millennium.

Now, we have TSN’s attention!  Stay tuned as hopefully, Canadian snooker continues to enjoy it’s rise in popularity and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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