Happy B-Day Snooker Canada – 5 Years !

Wow, time does fly when you are having fun.  What started out as a small project, has grown into a mission, to develop our game and bring it back on the map in Canada

Happy B-Day Snooker Canada - 5 Years
Happy B-Day Snooker Canada – 5 Years

Below are the top 10 highlights from the first 5 years of existence.  Looking forward to many more…

10.   2011 – Hosting the IBSF Junior World Championships in Montreal, 45 participating countries.

9.     2012 – Creating a tutorial You Tube video on the basic rules of snooker (over 100,000 hits today!)

8.     2013 – Hosting the first Inter-University Championships for snooker in quite some time.

7.     2014 –  Exhibiting a snooker table at the Toronto Golf Show, reaching 20 000 golfers.

6.     2014 – Receiving a congratulatory letter from Prime Minister Harper for all our efforts.

5.     2015 – Exhibiting a snooker table at the Gentleman’s Expo, reaching 25 000 GTA people.

4.     2015 – Filming of a documentary movie about the game of snooker in Canada – Coming Soon…

3.     2016 – Creation of an official coaching certification program – to be launched in October

2.     2016 – Creation of an official Junior snooker program – to be launched in October


…and the top news for the last 5 years for the development of our game in Canada?


1.   2016 – Approval for a new Snooker Television Series Called “The Art of Snooker”.

The Production Schedule is set for Oct 15-17, Cambridge, On.

Everyone is Welcome to come and participate and be interviewed, or simply be a spectator.

Contact us today!

info@snookercanada.ca  or (888) 487-7506

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