Snooker Referee Registration Is Open

The laws of economics dictate that as demand for something increases, the supply must increase in order to keep up.

Referee Certification – Limited Space Available


…and that is a good thing, because that means that the game of snooker is indeed growing in Canada.

The course will be offered by the R.A.C.C.S, (THE REFEREES ASSOCIATION FOR CANADIAN CUE SPORTS), which is the official organisation of cue sport referees in Canada.

Certification will take place during The Richler Cup this year.


Who – Anyone in Canada

What – Canadian Snooker Referee Certification

When – May 3 from 2:00 pm to 5:00pm  (Wednesday)

Where – Hamilton, Ontario

How – Written Exam followed by table Exam


Cost – $50 referee clinic and written test portion.

An additional $25 if a person passes the written portion, and would like to do the table test portion.


Limited Space Available

To Register: or call 888-487-7506






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