Snooker Landscape Continues To Change

The article below was written 2 years ago on this website.  As you can see, things are still holding true today, more to come…

Time For Change
More Changes On The Horizon For The Landscape of Snooker in Canada

Posted on May 16, 2015

As all things in life, the principle that Charles Darwin once taught us is that in order to survive, you either change or you die in this world.

Well the same applies to our great game of snooker. Once upon a time, we had the luxury of hundreds of rooms and thousands of young players across the country playing snooker. There were no distractions to compete with it, no cellular phones, no internet, no playstations, and a host of other things.

Things are quite different today, which is why the old system no longer works. It would be like an 8 track tape trying to compete with digital music. That is why the components of the old system must also be changed with new ones, better ones.

As mentioned in the previous article, the seeding system is NOT a winning formula. Barry Hearn says so, and he is proving it as well.

Another thing you don’t see in his league is the round robin system. Sure, it allows for more playing time, however, the pitfalls do NOT outweigh the benefits. Once a player is virtually eliminated, he or she can throw the game, not show up, and you are no longer in charge of your destiny. After spending countless hours on the phone with players all over the country, I can vouch that most players are not a fan of the Round Robin system.  We can still have players play more frames by offering other creative ways to do so.

More to come soon on changing the landscape of snooker in Canada.

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