British Columbia – New Snooker League

The province of British Columbia is seeing a rise in popularity again with the game of snooker.

British Columbia Rejuvenated With New League

A new table was recently added at a legion in the Greeater Vancouver Area.

Rumors are another table is being added soon in Kamloops, where the league is starting to grow there too.

A new club is opening this month with 4 more snooker tables are going up.

…and last but not least, a new snooker league has popped up in Richmond, that has recently been sanctioned by Snooker Canada.

All this, plus the fact that the Western Canadian Championships will be hosted in BC as well, things are going to start getting interesting again in the west, and we will be sure to keep you posted on new developments soon.

For inquiries in getting more involved in the growth , or simply coming to join the league, please contact us at or call (888) 487-7506.

A big thank you goes out to David Burney for stepping up in the VTA.

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