Paul Potier Wins Inaugural Event in BC

Well snooker is back in BC, and in a big way for the first tournament win of the season.

Paul Potier was able to fend off a determined opponent in Dalton Roy, 3-1 to win the first event.  John Kocela edge out Gary Wallace 2-1 to achieve 3rd place.

It was a long day, so it shows that snooker is not only potting balls, playing safe, laying snookers, being tactically aware, but stamina is another tool in the snooker players belt that they need.

With the age range of players from 14 to 72, snooker is looking good in BC.  We did have a little of a false start at the beginning, so big thank yous go out to Charlie Brown, for seeing the problem and helping fix it.

I forgot to add in my blurb, Thanks to Jonathon Sun and everyone at Top 147 that made the day a success.

Let’s keep the excitement going, and we look forward to seeing you all at Top 147 in Richmond for the second event of the season.  The next event is on October 21, 2017, so feel free to register at to guarantee a spot.

Until then, keep your head down, and only lift it when the shot is complete.

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