Contest – What is your Snooker Nickname ?

The Rocket, The Whirlwind, The Nugget, they all have their own nicknames overseas.

…and now the time has arrived for Canadians to join the party, and the process has already begun.

Eddie Galati is the Galatiator, Daniel Paquette is The Gentleman, and a host of others have already started sending their own nicknames in.

The Canadian Kid, Bear, and yes, The Driller has joined us.  Keep em coming.

Please send us your nickname along with your real name and we will add it to your player profile.

The player with the most creative nickname will get a free membership for the 2018 snooker season.  Contest Ends on March 31, 2018

Looking forward to hearing from you snooker freaks !  or text to 514-833-2822


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