Downtown Charlie Brown Take It in BC

Downtown Charlie Brown does it again!!  He defeated Gary “The Professor” Wallace 3-1.

Brown describe the table to be like a skating rink during the match. So I guess Charlie is the Gretzky of the Baize.  Gary had a great break of 43 with 7 pinks in the third frame to make it 2-1, but in frame four Charlie put the pedal down to achieve victory.

Kenny Wong made a great run to get to his first final four, and newcomer Wade Wutke achieved the final semi final spot.  Gordon Wu powered through the B-side to achieve victory and get some much needed points as he has missed a few of the past events.

Good fun had by all, and thanks to Jonathan Sun and all the great staff at Top 147.  The next tournament in Richmond League is on February 17-18, 2018.  However before that can happen the BC Championships will be going on January 27-28, 2018 at Top 147.

Keep your head down and practicing and good results will be achieved.

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