Ross Bradsen Wins in British Columbia

Here is another tournament wrap up from BC


Another tournament in the books with one more to go.  Some players that are on top of standings are looking good to get their entry into the Western Canadians.  Thought there is still a lot of shuffling that could happen in the last tournament.


Ross Bradsen, who was a newcomer to the league, welcome Ross, didn’t show any sign of first tournament jitters.  He stream rolled into the finals, and white washed Reed Unger 3-0.  Who invited this guy, ha ha.  Congratulations Ross!!  Reed, achieve a spot in final, with an entertaining semi final against Heman Ho.  Unger, put up a nice break of 29 near the end of the fifth frame to achieve victory in the decider leaving Heman out of the finals again.  Ho, who has been very consistent in reaching the final four throughout the season has achieve the 2nd spot in the overall standings.  Unfortunately in the 3rd place match he come up against league leader Dalton Roy.  Roy gained victory with a 2-1 scoreline to continue to add to his point total.


Thanks again to Jonathan and everyone at Top 147 for helping us out.  Thank you to all you players for doing your thing.  As well thank you to Heman Ho in assisting me to get the tournament ready.  April 7th is close, so keep practicing and we will see you on the baize.

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