CC Yoo Wins The Western Canadians

The Western Canadian Snooker Champion comes from south of the border.

A strong field of 32 players competing for the title of Western Canadian Champion this past weekend.  Brady Gollan and CC You battle through a gruelling round robin phase on Saturday, and out played their opponents in 16 player single elimination knockout on Sunday to reach the finals.  Gollan knockout Charlie Brown in a 3-0 whitewash in one semi final.  Then it was the battle of billiard hall operators, as Jonathan Sun, owner of Top 147, battled CC Yoo, owner of Empire Billiards.  CC was the better player in this semi final defeating Sun 3-1.  CC keep on with his winner ways to defeat Brady Gollan 3-1 to become the 2018 Western Canadian Snooker Champion.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s western Canadian snooker championships.  Whether you were a player, referee, scorekeeper, commentary, an employee at the venue or just a fan we appreciate you coming out and doing your thing to make the tournament a success.

A big thank you as well to Jonathan Sun and all the staff at Top 147 that let us take over his room to have this tournament.

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