It Pays to be ranked in the Top 32 in Canada

A new policy has recently been announced, and it will surely be a motivating factor for players to stay or climb up the Canadian rankings.

The first Canadian Snooker Tour season was a hit with the players last season,  and we now have an official ranking system we can call our own.

It is actually quite simple.  A player receives 100 points for every round that he or she plays in, this includes the first round (win or lose).  Finally, a player also receives 100 bonus points for actually winning an event.

So basically, you receive 100 points for just playing in the first round, 100 points for every round that you advance, and then another 100 for winning the finals.

Another important change that has been implemented is because you spoke and we listened.  If a player does not show up for his or her match, that player will NOT receive any ranking points, even if the entry is already paid.

One more change that we have decided to implement this season  is to reward 25 points for every frame won in a match.  The thinking behind this is, if a player loses a close match, at least he or she receives something for their efforts.

Also, if a player is ranked in the top 32, that player automatically receives a *bye to the second round of the tournament he or she enters.

*This is for ranking events only.

So the players in the top 32 will want to remain there, and the players outside of the top 32 will be battling to get in there.

This should make for an interesting season.  Rack ’em up !


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