Kevin DeRoo Wins Inaugural Event in British Columbia

Sweet lew!! Kevin DeRoo wins the first qualifier of the season out in BC.  With a strong cue in his hand DeRoo took down a very tough opponent in Gary Wallace, 3-1.  Wayne Chan put out a great effort in achieving 3rd place.  We had 20 great players show up from as far away as the Seattle area in the USA to John Shoring, who was defeated by Chan in the 3rd place, came all the way from Vancouver island.


Tyler Choutka laid down the law in final as he refereed his first final.  He also was the rovering referee for the tournament.  In addition, Ahmad Nuri put together a new format that looks to be catching on.  Strong work gentleman!!


Some sad news hit the community as well as Russ Hartley passed away in April.  A real character to the game will be missed and it was great to see his son Cody play in his honour this weekend.


Thanks again to Jonathan Sun and his entire team down at Top 147 for all the help and support for us to put on this event.


The next event is October 13-14, 2018, keep practicing and we look forward to seeing you out there soon.

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