Snooker Canada Launches “Dare To Give Back” Program

At Snooker Canada we are very proud to give back to the community.  That being said we are partnering up with the Canadian Cancer Society in British Columbia for raising funds to eradicate cancer at The Canadian Snooker Shootout.

Pledgers are able to make donations on site or through the Canadian Cancer Society’s website, see the link below.  The idea is that for every pink ball that is sunk in the tournament “x” dollars will go towards breast cancer research.  As well for every black ball sunk in the tournament “x” dollars will go towards prostate cancer research.  “X” is the amount you want to donate.

For example you could put $2 for every pink ball and $2 for every black, and if 13 pinks and 15 blacks were sunk in the tournament you would be make a total donation $56.  Feel free to reach out to David Burney at if you want to participate in this program as he will be at the event counting all those pinks and blacks.  Thanks again and see you out there.


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