Wallace wins again, retains no.1 position in BC

It all could have gone wrong for Gary Wallace this past weekend.  As an old friend to the snooker community in BC, Mayur Jobanputra, playing in his first tourney of the season, was up 2-0 in the first round match of the tournament.  Wallace dug in and climb back to achieve victory 3-2.  The catalyst pushed Gary then took no prisoners as he won his following matches, 3-0, 3-1, and 3-1 over last tournament’s winner Michael Murphy, to achieve the his second tournament win of the season.  Well done Gary.


A strong performance by Jon Shoring who achieved 3rd place over Charlie Brown.  As well some newcomers have joined up.  Alan Ima, Terry Tao, Salim Kamal welcome to the league and we are glad you signed up.


Once again thanks to Denise Poulin helping out on the floor, and Tyler Choutka for his great refereeing ability.  He has the qualities of a great referee, knowledge of the game and blends in the background not to disturb the players or fans.


Thanks again to Jonathan Sun and the great staff at Top 147 that help us out to make these tournaments a success.  As well big thanks to Rob Johnson and the crew at AAA labs that helps us get the word out through their lovely posters.


The last qualifier of season is April 13-14, and the deadline to sign up is April 9th. Looking forward to seeing you out there.

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