Yikang “Ken” Chu Wins Canadian Open in an Epic deciding frame!!!

With a strong field of 29 players coming from Manitoba, Alberta, Northern and Southern British Columbia, and Washington state ascending to Top 147 Snooker lounge to compete for the Canadian Open, the final came down to Yikang Chu and Alan Ima.


Chu came out strong to grab the first two frames.  Ima, with a pool cue, as that is the game he predominantly plays, put his first frame on the board before the intermission.  A frame that went down to the black and Alan’s cue ball almost traveled into the pocket after the final black had fallen into the pocket.  Yikang able to regroup and get the first frame after the intermission to take a commanding 3-1 advantage, and needing only one more frame to obtain the championship.


With his back against the wall Alan Ima dug in.  He scored an impressive 55 break to take the fifth frame.  In the sixth frame, Chu was able to get the snooker he needed on the brown to enable him to run out for the match but that was not the case as he missed the brown and Ima jumped back on the table to pot a wonderful brown and blue to seal the deal and send us to a decider.


It was a decider filled with twists and turns.  Going down to the colours Alan was trailing and at being down 59-28 he needed to 2 snookers to get him back in the game.  Ima made a fantastic snooker off the green to roll behind the black.  One down, one to go.  Alan elected to try to pot a long brown with idea that he would use the blue for his needed snooker, but with the brown rattled in the jaws and it was left on for Chu.  Yikang potted the brown, the following blue, and hit a 4 bank pink to make him the Canadian Open Champion!!!  A fantastic match to close it out the tourney.


Kenny Wong had the high break of the tournament with a 68 and will be looking sharp in his new Goorin Bros hat.


Big thanks to Jonathan Sun and the crew for all the help the make the tournament a success.


Thanks to all our referees that came out.  Gary Spence, Gary Wallace, Mike Dominguez, Tommy Ha, Roy Nutter, and Denise Poulin. Thank you.


Also thank you to our friends that came into the commentary booth.  Gary Spence, Ray Sznadel, Tony Fun, Lance Brommeland and Parshant Sanger we appreciate your hard work.


Thanks to our scorekeepers, Tommy Ha and Parshant Sanger.


Big thanks to Lance Brommeland for all his help behind the scenes, from setting up the stream and making the tournament run smoothly and on schedule.


As well thanks to Goorin Bros., Rob Johnson at AAA labs, Wendy at Great Pool Starts Here, Bill Chan at Pro Score, Jason Cox at White LES, Cue Sports Live, and Andy Lee and the team at the Sheraton.


See you at the Richler Cup!!!!

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