Snooker Junior Program Launches in Canada

We are thrilled to announce the launching of our new junior snooker program here in Canada!

After taking a look at the list of past Canadian champions, we were shocked to see that since the year 2000 , if not longer, every Canadian champion has been 35 years old or older when they won the event.  This does not say much for the future of our game here, however, the seeds have been planted and we will enjoy the journey of growth along the way.

“I clearly remember telling the so called snooker leaders of this country 8 years ago in a meeting that if nothing is done today, our sport will become extinct here.  Unfortunately I received no response on two different occasions.   Actually, that is how Snooker Canada was founded ”  says Snooker Canada President, Patrick Guigui     “We have lost almost 2 generations of snooker here in Canada, and we are not ready to lay down and allow a third to go down the tubes.  It takes an effort from a group of committed individuals, who are doing things for the right reasons.

Talks have already begun with organizations such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Jumpstart. The future looks bright indeed…

Congratulations Rick Howard, and welcome to the team !

Rick Howard
Director of Junior Development

Rick Howard hails from Brantford, Ontario and has been involved in the game of snooker for many years. Most recently, Rick has become a certified snooker referee and says he enjoys this aspect of the game. Rick is also the current President of the Brant County Snooker League and stays very active playing the game as well. His passion is to see the game grow from the grass roots, which if course, comes from our youth.

If you are reading this article, and you feel like you can contribute to the cause in some way (the growth of the game of snooker in Canada), we would love to hear from you, wherever you are in Canada.      800-857-1416

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