Snooker Table Brushing 101

Brushing a snooker table regularly will remove dust & chalk particles and will keep the cloth in good shape and a longer life.  If the table is regularly played on, a good rule of thumb is once every 2 or 3 days.     The brush that should be used for optimal results is one that has horse hairs.


1.     Remove all the balls from the table, thus avoiding any dust going on them during this process.

2.     Make sure that the brush you are using is clean, otherwise the dust will land back on the table.

3.     Brush the top part of the cushions all around the table, always in the direction of the nap.

4.     Brush the area under the rails, however leave the black rail to do at the very end.

5.     Brush around the rim of each pocket.

6.     Brush the bed of the table.  Always brush in a straight line & towards the black spot –  this will ensure that the fibers are aligned in the proper direction and preserve the nap of the table.

7.     When brushing, keep the brush in contact with the bed at all times, using short & firm strokes, and then lift the brush only at the end of the stroke. One long sweep across the table will not work, and may damage the cloth as the dirt may accumulate and then press down and damage the fibers.   When brushing, flick the dust forward, not up into the air, otherwise, it will come right back down.

8.     Since dust can accumulate around the pockets, it is better to brush this area as well, especially the nets.  A damp cloth can be used for the tracks of the pockets. (sponge and hot soapy water)

9.     Wipe the top part of the wooden rails with a damp cloth without touching any part of the cloth.

*Never wet or vacuum the cloth as this may damage it.  Wearing a mask is good if you brush regularly.

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