Blake Martel Wins the Central Canadians in Winnipeg ( again ! )

Congratulations to Blake Martel on winning Snooker Canada’s 2019 Central Canadian Classic at Bourbon Street Billiards this weekend.

This is Blake Martel’s 2nd consecutive Central Canadian Classic Title that he has earned and also his 3rd consecutive Snooker Canada event so far as he also won the 2019 Richler Cup this year.

Once again Blake came out playing with great confidence and in a dominant fashion by winning four straight matches and going undefeated all the way through against every opponent.

In the first round Blake Martel played against Jimi Charbonneau and won that match with a score of 4-0 then he faced Rod Arriagada in the 2nd Round and our match ended with a score of 4-0 for Blake as well.

That brought Blake Martel into the semifinal round where he had to face a great local legendary snooker player in Bill Charbonneau,it looked like Blake’s confidence carried on from each match that he played because he also defeated the legendary Bill Charbonneau with a score of 4-0 which put Blake Martel in the hot seat waiting to defend his title against his next and final opponent of the event.

That opponent would be David Larson who looked like a favorite to reach the finals after his outstanding playing throughout the two day event.  Larson had the high run of the tournament with a 73 point break on Saturday so you could see that he was in good form for the event and was heading to the finals for a chance to win the 2019 Central Canadian Classic.

David Larson had been playing some great snooker all weekend but his next match would be the one that mattered most as he faced the defending Champion Blake Martel in the Finals …and considering how confident Blake had been playing so far you can almost guarantee that it would be no easy task for Larson .  Well,  if anyone could’ve taken on Martel based strictly on performance throughout the tournament then Larson was the player who could do it.

Both players locked into an intense battle at the snooker table and they both came out swinging with some strong play but Martel had been playing dominantly all weekend and the final match was no different than the rest,you could clearly see that he Blake Martel had his mind set on winning and defending his title.

In the end that’s exactly what Blake did by defeating his 4th straight opponent David Larson with a score of 4-0.

Congratulations to Blake Martel on successfully defending his title!! Nice work on the tables and a well deserved/earned title.

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We’ll see you guys on the snooker tables at the next event,cheers everyone!!

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