Revolutionary Watch Brand Launches in Snooker Universe

A new and exciting brand has entered the market for the game of snooker, and players and fans from across the world will now have access to it.

Chamberlain 1875 was launched recently and things are starting to heat up.

A line of luxury watches has been developed and produced exclusively in the historic town of Solothurn, Switzerland, the watchmaking mecca.

They are designed for people with a passion for Snooker, and the collection honours the history of the sport since its inception in 1875.

Having met one of the principle people involved in this venture, Nico Smeets, I am not at all surprised about this.  Nico’s passion for the game is very unique.  Nico came to visit Canada a couple of years ago and had a very nice experience.

I encourage everyone to visit their website and take a look at what this entails.

Thank you Nico for raising the standard of our game and giving us this great gift.  We will certainly support you in your efforts here in Canada, and we encourage all organizations and individuals to take advantage of this great opportunity.

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