New Venue to Stage Major Snooker Tournaments in Canada

Another important step has been taken to put Canada back on the map for major snooker events.

Construction has begun for a coliseum like venue where there will no doubt be some classic battles on the baize in Canada soon,

The beautiful city of Montreal will be home to a special new venue where the focus of the design will be to accommodate television cameras, commentator booths and of course, spectators.

“It has been a long time coming”…says Snooker Canada president, Patrick Guigui.  “Our country has too much tradition in this game to not showcase its heritage.  Let’s not forget, the first maximum ever made on this planet was right here in Montreal in 1948 by a man named Leo Levitt.  We are only 29 years away from being 100 years ago, very special.”

More details about this will be announced shortly as things develop.

Exciting times for snooker fans in Canada, no doubt !

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