Brady Gollan Back to Back BC Champion!!!

Gollan is victorious again.  Last year’s BC Open Champion made quick work of newcomer Bill Yang.  It was a white wash 4-0 for Gollan to take the title again this year.  It was a tough trek for both players, as Gollan had to battle John Kocela, Ross Bradsen (last year’s BC open runner) and Tyler Edey to get a spot in finals.  In turn Yang fought Ken Chu (last year’s Canadian Open champion), Omar Balsara, and Ronnie Guo to achieve his place in the final match of the tourney.  Gollan found his stroke in the finals and could not be beat.  As well he posted the high break of the tournament with a 68.  No Burney’s best this time, as he was willing to put out $100 the first player to make a century in the event.


It was a weekend of great matches, some nail biters, good runs, great tactical play, and impeccable sportsmanship by all.


Congratulations to Brady Gollan and all of you that came out and supported the tournament.

Big thanks as always to Jonathan Sun and his great staff at Top 147 that help us make these tournaments a success.  In addition thanks to Rob Johnson and the gang at AAA labs that helps us out so much with poster design that helps get the word out.  As well for coming into the room to take some publicity photos.


Also thanks to Reed Unger and the ANAVETS #100, who provided some top notch snooker balls for our players to use.  Also thank you to our additional commentators Gary Spence and Ray Sznadel.  Thanks to referees Gary Wallace, and Tyler Choutka, and scorekeepers Mayur Jobanputra and Arsalan Jami.  Thanks to Cue Sports Live to help us put up the stream, Compusport for displaying the tournament bracket and Wendy Brown for taking registrations and payments for the tourney.


Big thanks to Tommy Ha for refereeing, score keeping, helping put together the commentary booth, and fixing the early electric problem we had early Sunday morning.


Big thanks to Lance Brommeland for setting up all his audio and video equipment to let us stream the event to you all.  As well helping in making sure the tournament ran smooth and fairly.


We did have a few bumps in the road, but just remember to read all the rules and regulations before the tournament.  We all are learning and working together to grow and make this a strong snooker community.  We are always seeking out volunteers to help out and if we had a bunch of people just doing a few things here and there we can really propel the sport back into it’s glory as it once had in 1980s.  If you have any feedback we are always welcome to it, it will help our sport grow.


The next tournament will be a divisional one, and will be at Top 147 on Mar. 14-15, 2020.  Deadline to register and pay is 11pm on Mar. 10, 2020.


The next big tournament in BC will be the Richler Cup that will be held from Apr. 24-26, 2020.  Details will be coming out for that shortly.


Our good friend Mike Dominguez is opening up his club this weekend in the downtown Seattle area.  Looking to be a great event, and it would be great to see any of you down there.


Thanks again everyone, keep your head down and keep practicing.  See you out there.

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